Monday, 21 February 2011

Motor Into The Past With Classic Car Hire UK

They say there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the open road, but for many modern motoring means the open road has lost some of its appeal. The cars we drive nowadays have features, like power steering, ABS and other electronic aids to make driving easier, but what if we don’t want it to be easy? What if we’d love to do away with the modern technology and get back to real driving? The answer is classic car hire UK.

With classic car hire you can indulge your passions for all things car and classic. You will get the opportunity to step back in time, to an age when driving constituted a real skill not a reliance on technology. In fact, you might find it’s like learning to drive all over again!

Many classic car hire UK companies have lent their treasured motors to film and television programmes. For example, midlands-based Self Drive Classic Cars recently lent their Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite to the Top Gear Australia team who used it for a day’s cruising in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

The motoring programme, which was aired recently on Australian television, featured the frogeye sprite being driven all around the Peak District and even included footage filmed from a helicopter.

If you like all that is car and classic you can take a trip down memory lane with a choice of a wide range of motors and packages, that will see you hiring a car for a day, several days or even a week, depending on where you are planning to travel.

You can also hire classic cars for birthday presents or unusual gifts. Or, if you are looking for the perfect start to your wedding day or prom night, hiring a classic car will ensure you make that all-important entrance in style. In fact, there are so many experiences and occasions that can be made all that more perfect with the addition of a piece of motoring history, that you might find yourself hiring a classic car more than once!

Whatever your reason for classic car hire UK, just remember to leave your Sat Nav and modern technology at home so you can get down to some serious driving, the way it was meant to be!

If you want to find out more about classic car hire UK why not visit the our website where you can indulge in your passion for all things car and classic.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Reasons To Hire Classic Car

‘Things just aren’t what they used to be!’ – isn’t that what we are always saying? Well in most cases it is true – computers and technology dominate our working lives in a way we wouldn’t have dreamed possible 20 years ago and the pace of life seems to be ever-increasing, but there is one way you can still set foot in the past – when you hire classic car.

Classic car hire companies offer more than just the chance to drive a classic car, they give you the opportunity to relive memories and enjoy the nostalgia of days gone by. There are plenty of different models to choose from – perhaps you want to hire E type Jag because it reminds you of the one you always dreamt of owning? Or maybe you would like to hire a Triumph GT6, which was once referred to as a mini E type!

Whatever your preference in automobiles the pleasure you will gain from driving down memory lane simply cannot be equalled. Imagine pulling up at the hire classic car company in your modern executive saloon and then pulling back out of the driveway, perhaps with the top down, in a little piece of motoring history? It sends a tingle down the spine just thinking about it.

Classic car hire is a simple and easy process that offers full flexibility to the customer. You can choose from daily hire, 24 hour hire, 48 hour hire or pretty much any length of time you wish as long as you are aware that extra mileage will be charged after the given allowance as these motors use a lot more fuel than their modern counterparts!

If you’re stuck for the perfect gift for that special someone why not consider a hire classic car gift voucher? This way you can give the gift of memories as well as a day’s driving in a classic car. And since your vouchers are usually valid for a period of up to 12 months, your recipient can choose to do take to the open road at a time that suits them.

So take time to step back from the madness of the modern world and enjoy motoring the way it was supposed to be. Whether you choose to hire E type Jag or any other classic car, you won’t be disappointed as the memories come flooding back.

If you would like to find out more about how to hire classic car why not visit the Self Drive Classics website where you can find out about how to hire E type Jag and other classic cars.