Sunday, 23 October 2011

Choosing Classic Wedding Cars

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. Whether they are having a huge wedding or something on a smaller scale, the amount of meticulous planning and attention to detail that is spent by grooms and brides to be in the months and even years prior to a wedding day is incredible. All of that planning and time just for one day, but when you only plan on doing something once you want it to go exactly according to plan. One way in which wedding days can be made even more special is by hiring classic wedding cars.

With wedding cars hire you don’t have to organise getting taxis on the big day and then worry that they will turn up late or that you won’t all be able to fit in the number of cars you have booked. You can even take the worry of being picked up away completely by opting for self-drive classic car hire and get one of the wedding party to drive the bride and her bridesmaids to the wedding venue or perhaps take the groom and best man out for an early morning drive to settle their nerves.

With classic wedding cars for hire you can choose from a range of different vehicles – these may include the iconic E-type Jaguar, the smiley faced frogeye sprite or the funky beetle. There is usually a car to suit all tastes and budgets. You can hire the cars on a daily basis or for a longer period of time, so perhaps the happy couple can go on their honeymoon in their chosen classic car as well as arriving to their wedding day in style.

When you hire a classic car you usually get an allowed mileage included. Should you go over this you will be charged an additional rate for the extra miles you do. All prices include fully comprehensive for one driver as well as roadside assistance and recovery.

You can either pick your car up from the wedding cars hire company, where you can leave you own car safely in their parking area, or you can arrange to have the car delivered to a specified location if this would be easier.

If you are considering classic wedding cars for your big day then why not visit our website where you can view our choices of wedding cars hire.