Monday, 25 June 2012

Super Frogeye

Having decided to turn the MK3 Sprite into a Frogeye the Self Drive Classics restorationteam are now moving on with the work. The engine bay has been repainted white and the engine work now completed. The Frogeye rear end is ready to fit as is the Frogeye style dash. We have ordered the bonnet which should be here this week so we expect to have all of the panels and dash fitted by the end of next week. Next job is to paint the car then on to trim and finished so we sill be ready for the summer – should it ever arrive!

Last week we started work on the bodyshell for the P1800. It is in a worst state than we first thought but these old cars are well worth saving so we will move on with the restoration. We have remove the drivers side sills and floor and cut away all of the rust. We are fabricating new chassis legs ready to attach the new floor and sills.

The dreadful weather has not helped the classic car hire business but at least it looks like this week could be a bit more settled. Despite the weather people still get married, have School proms and – being British – still go for a drive even in the rain so don’t let the weather put you off. Anyone with a discount voucher should use them now before they expire.