Saturday, 11 August 2012

Updates on our Classic Cars

Volvo P1800
Work is progressing with the P1800 as we cut more of the rusty stuff away and replace it with new metal. The O/S front wing, inner, middle and outer sill are all now in place. There was also quite a bit of fabrication required for the A post and inner front wings. The drivers door has a new skin and a new bottom repair panel both hand made by Gordon at Hunter classics. Currently we are working on the O/S rear wheel arch and rear wing. Again we have to fabricate much of the new panels as replacements are not available. This is a much bigger task than I imagined but we will end up with a great car that – if looked after – will last for many years to come.

The Frogeye conversion has taken a big jump forward as the back end is now fitted and bonded to the original car. It looks great and now we are working on fitting the lights. Next up is the new bonnet, then its time for the paint job before fitting out the interior.

Green Super Midget

A few months ago we bought an unusual Midget. It’s a 1974 round wheel arch Midget that has been subject to a comprehensive restoration a few years ago with a few ‘custom’ additions. The engine is the later 1500, the seats have been replaced with ½ leather seats, we think they are from a rover as is the centre console and handbrake. The car has been finished in metallic green and looks amazing in the sun. It’s quick, a bit quirky and great fun. The car had been off the road for a couple of years and we have sorted out a couple of paintwork issue, fixed the brakes, replace some of the carpets, cleaned and serviced the engine, carbs, new exhaust and many more jobs to get this little car ready to go. This will be up for sale in the next couple of weeks.
MGB Roadster
We have just acquired a very nice 1978 MGB in blaze red. The previous owner had stared a chrome bumper conversion so we will be finishing this, changing the car to wire wheels, a complete respray and sorting out the mechanicals. This one will be ready in September.

Classic Curves!

This week we have been having fun working on our 2013 calendar. We are working with local model and classic car enthusiast Marie. We have decided to call the calendar ‘Classic Curves’ celebrating the lines of beautiful classic cars enhanced with a the lines of our beautiful model. It’s all a bit of fun and definitely very different from traditional calendars. Keep and eye on our website for more information.