Thursday, 31 January 2013

Why Car Hire West Midlands Is So Popular For Classic Car Fans

There are numerous classic car fans who are on the search for different and exciting classic cars to buy. It may be they wish to use the cars for their own personal enjoyment, or it may well be that they wish to be able to hire the cars out for driving experience weekends or perhaps for weddings where the bride and groom can make a dramatic entrance to the church.

In order to find classic cars for sale, many enthusiasts turn to the internet in order to find suitable cars. They may have a particular make and model in mind which they have dreamed about since their childhood or it may be they are open to ideas and wish to find out more information about the pros and cons of owning and driving a classic car.

Of course, a range of classic cars for sale are nearly always listed in magazines and journals dedicated to classic car fans. Before making the big step of actually purchasing a classic car, some drivers choose to hire a similar car for a day or a weekend in order to get a real feel for the car and to see if the decision of buying a classic car is the right one for them.

There are a number of car hire West Midlands companies who have a selection of cars for fans to hire for a specified period of time. Some individuals also have the opportunity of purchasing the car once they have test driven it for a day or so, though very often they will need to locate an alternative car which is available to buy.

Of course, for those people who do not have the money or expertise to purchase a classic car themselves, they could make do with just hiring a car for a treat. Many car hire West Midlands firms are able to offer gift vouchers or driving experience weekends for their customers. Most classic car fans are aware of the cost involved with purchasing an older car. Though many are exempt from road tax, they very often need a lot of care and attention to ensure they are road worthy and are safe to drive.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Choose something different for your special day

We like to offer something unique for those who are looking for something different for their special day. We have made a couple of great new additions to our classic wedding car collection with the introduction of a roaring TVR Chimaera and a fantastic fun 3 car Italian Job style mini cavalcade. These cars are available chauffeur driven only and are located near Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.