Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Why A Driving Experience Voucher Can Make The Perfect Gift For A Classic Car Fan

Driving a classic car is often a dream for many men and women – hearing the roar of the engine whilst driving with the top down is a luxury many of won’t experience with our modern motors. Although reality often means drivers are stuck with their current cars to go about their daily business, one fantastic idea for a gift for a loved one could be a driving experience voucher.

The beauty of the voucher is that it can give a driver the perfect opportunity to live out their dream, even if it is only for a day or two. A driving experience voucher will usually include the cost of the hire of the vehicle as well as the relevant insurance which is required, although be warned that some insurance companies will only cover drivers above a certain age.

If you are looking to purchase a gift voucher for a friend or relative then make sure you read the small print in order to ensure you are buying the correct ‘experience’ for the special person. Of course, many drivers who have had the opportunity to drive a classic car for a day or a weekend may well have really caught the bug and decide to actually purchase a classic car of their own. They may have a strong interest in restoring cars which have been left untouched for years and therefore wish to rebuild the car back to its former glory.

There are many classic car sales taking place up and down the country, or of course cars can be purchased directly from other classic car enthusiasts. It is definitely recommended that the car is seen and, if possible, test driven before any money is handed over. Many cars may need a little TLC before they are safe to be driven on the roads. Joining the elite club of becoming a classic car owner can put you in touch with a whole world of other classic car enthusiasts with whom you can share tips and stories about restoring or driving your dream cars.

If you know of a friend or relative who would love to receive a driving experience voucher or if you would like to learn more about classic car sales, then please visit the www.selfdriveclassics.co.uk website in order to find out more information.