Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Self Drive Hire Is a Must For A Summer’s Day

We’ve been really lucky with the weather recently and although none of us know how long it is going to last, there is nothing like taking to the open road and enjoying motoring whilst the summer is here.  Whether you get the top down on your cabriolet, or simply wind down the windows to enjoy the warm breeze, driving is great fun at this time of year.

One way to make driving even more fun is to hire a classic car to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy motoring from a bygone era.  We’ve got a great range of vehicles to choose from if you want to go for the self drive option – great if you want to get behind the steering wheel yourself .  Our self-drive cars include the Jaguar E Type, Triumph Vitesse, Morris Minor and MG TF.  Or if you’d rather have the luxury of being chauffeur driven, perhaps for your wedding day or a special gift, we offer motoring classics such as the Rover P5, Citroen DS and Lotus Esprit.

Your enjoyment of classic motoring needn’t end there as we also offer a range of classic car gifts and accessories.  We’ve got driving gloves so you can keep your hands warm on cool driving days, classic car gift vouchers to treat that special someone, bits and bobs to help you tinker about with your own classic car and glovebox essentials so that you can enjoy a day trip and know that you have everything you need on board.

Enjoying classic cars is often a much more than a hobby but whatever level you enjoy classic motoring make sure you enjoy it during the long days of summer.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Enjoy it while we can!

I know we should not complain but it seems the weather just can't get it quite right. We have had 2 really bad summers with 2012 being a total washout. Now we are baking on southern European heat with the odd storm thrown in. What happened to those lovely English summer days 25 degrees with a light breeze? Well now is the time to make the most of the sunshine and get out there in a classic car. You can hire this Vitesse from for £175 for a full day including insurance and 200 miles to enjoy the Derbyshire Peaks or rural Staffordshire. The Vitesse is just one of a range of classic cars available for you to enjoy so why not blow away the cobwebs in classic style. Take a look at our range of classic cars for hire. Or perhaps you have always fancied a little classic or your own? We always have a couple of just restored classics we can offer for sale at . If you are looking for a particular classic then give us a call, we might be able to help you find the right car at the right price. We can also repair and/or restore your classic so you can get behind the wheel and enjoy classic motoring.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Quick - Buy this little gem before I change my mind!

I have been driving this little Midget about for the past few weeks in all this great weather. It goes well and the metallic green paint job catches the sun and looks quite stunning. The rover seats make this car  are far more comfortable than any Midget I have ever driven (I have restored 6 before this one). Trouble is I am getting attached to it now so I need someone to buy it before I change my mind. There are plenty of details about this car on self drive classics We also have 2  excellent MGB's up for sale on the same site so take a look and take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts! If you want to make the most of the weather in classic style without splashing out on a classic of your own then hire yourself a classic car from Self Drive Classics  we have a great selection of your favourite classic cars from the 60's and 70's and it is cheaper and more convenient than ownership. If you are interested in the Midget or having a classic of your own then get in touch via

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Get Noticed

Last weekend saw the annual Lichfield Cars in the Park show at Beacon Park. Every year the show seems to get bigger with some 13 modern car dealers displaying the very latest metal alongside 100’s of beautiful classic cars of all ages’ shapes and sizes. Self DriveClassics had a stand at the show on Sunday showing off the new range of classic car accessories and gifts as well as classic car hire. It is very promising to see so many young folks at these shows and there seems to be a real interest in classic cars. We see this as more and more people are using self drive classiccars as prom cars instead of the traditional (and a bit chav) stretch limo. So if you are looking for a prom car that’s a bit different go to and see how you can stand out from the crowd.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Volvo P1800 project for sale

I bought this a couple of years ago intending to fully restore it to its former glory but with so much to do and several other project on the go I am sorry to say this one has to go. It is a 1964 Cow Horn P1800. It has been stripped to the bare shell (loom and dash are still in the car). I have already spent thousands on the shell having the drivers side completely rebuilt from the lower front wings, 3 piece sill, lower rear wing, rear arch and lower rear arch all replaced with new panels. The near side needs to be done. The engine has been completely rebuilt, crank reground, new bearings, bores honed and new rings, cylinder head skimmed with new valve guides all assembled with new gaskets. The rest of the car is in boxes. Be under no illusion – this is not a weekends work! However, once completed you will have one of the rare Cow Horn models of one of the most attractive classic cars out there. The project is up for sale at £3750 ovno. Call Steve on 07918715039 for more details.

Lichfield Cars in the Park

Lichfield cars in the Park Show

This weekend is Lichfield’s car in the park. Cars in the park has now become one of the largest car events in the Midlands and this year is looking bigger than ever with some 13+ car dealers showing off the latest models next to hundreds of beautiful classic cars of all makes models and years. Self Drive Classic will be there with a stand showing our new range of classic car gifts and accessories as well as details of the cars we have available for both self drive hire and chauffeur driven wedding cars. As far as I am aware entry to the show is free (£5 for parking)  and it looks like the sun is going to shine so bring the family along for a great day out in Lichfield.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Driving as a luxury rather than a necessity

When we dream of driving a classic car, rather than showing off to our friends, the thought that most appeals is often the freedom of traveling the British country roads, with the roof down, steering clear of the everyday horrors of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and traffic jams. The sense of escapism may seem to be unattainable to many, but there is a simple prospect to join that select collection of classic car owners, if only for a week, a long weekend, a day or even just an afternoon.

Today, the classic car experience is not restricted only to owners. It’s so simple to hire a Morris Minor and take yourself back to 1948, replacing your anger at urban traffic with the independence and hopefulness of post-Second World War Britain. Rental allows you to get back to treating driving as a luxury rather than a stressful necessity.

Both men and women are taking up the prospect of touring their favourite British counties in style, taking advantage of car rental to trade in the constant traffic reports of congestion on the M6 with the growl of a good old fashioned engine.  What better way to spend a holiday, or weekend getaway?

If a week, or weekend seems too long a time to indulge, classic car hire could create the perfect romantic afternoon, an exciting gift for a friend, or even be one of the highlights of your wedding day.  The idea of driving may not be part of everyone’s dream, but in that case, the opportunity to be chauffer driven may be something that they have long fantasised about. With the ever increasingly popularity of School leaver’s proms and balls, Frogeye Sprite car hire could create a much more dramatic entrance than the usual Limousine or Hummer.

Hiring a classic car may not be as satisfying as owning one, but without having to worry about restoration or maintenance, with insurance included in the rental price, it can be an affordable option that gives you the true enjoyment of driving without taking the experience for granted.