Thursday, 29 August 2013

Make Your Big Day Extra Special By Hiring Classic Wedding Cars

For decades, classic wedding cars have played in a key part in the traditional British wedding day, chauffeuring the proud Father and the Bride, and providing special transport for the groom to get there on time, whilst allowing them all to make an impressive entrance. Countless popular films feature the classic image of bride gracefully stepping out of a white Rolls Royce or Limousine.

In the past, you would have struggled to find an alternative to this option, however, today more and more couples are seeking something more original to make their wedding day even more memorable for them and their guests.

With vehicles ranging from a vintage Citroen DS to a TVR Chimaera or Lotus Espirit, or even a 50’s MG Magnette, you could find your dream classic car for hire. With the traditional Roller or Limousine entrance growing ever more predictable, couples are looking to turn more heads with a truly original choice of classic wedding cars. What could be more impressive than the wedding party arriving one by one in a fleet of Italian Job style Minis.

While many choose to take the tried and tested approach to wedding day transport and hire chauffer driven classic wedding cars, this is not the only option. Some classic car hire companies also offer the possibility of self-driven classic wedding cars, allowing the bride and groom to make the ultimate individual entrances to their wedding by driving themselves and then exiting in style, driving off into the sunset together.

In many cases, hiring a self-driven wedding car is a cheaper and more flexible experience than a standard chauffer driven classic car for hire, and of course most importantly, more enjoyable for the happy couple on their big occasion. Self-drive classic cars can usually be hired for a full 24 hours or more. This is not the case for chauffer driven cars, as the driver is usually only available for shorter periods of time, often for more than double the price of a self-drive car.

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